By joining the CommUnity, you have become part of a collaborative network bringing together the most entrepreneurial, visionary and passionate minds in the sustainable energy field. Harness this opportunity and make the most of all it has to offer:

1. Become a thought leader.

Are you passionate about a particular area of interest and want to share your thoughts with others? Use the platform to make your voice heard! Write your own blog, give an interview or be a speaker at one of our events to share your knowledge! Apply to give an interview/be a speaker.


2. Gain skills to succeed at work.  

Join any local community and put your project management and leadership skills to the test, while learning about event management, marketing and content curation.

Become a CommUnity Leader!


3. Be inspired.

Seeking inspiration for your future career or guidance along your entrepreneurial journey?

Look no further. Connect with other CommUnity members and read about new perspectives and their inspiring stories. Click here


4. Grow your network.

Attend one of our 60+ annual CommUnity events! Check out the events section to stay up-to-date about sustainable energy-related events all across Europe. Meet and network with fellow industry professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as reconnecting with old peers.


5. Interact with others to create an impact.

Embrace the collaborative nature of the CommUnity! Be proactive in engaging with others, join your interest groups and exchange game-changing ideas. Take the initiative and leave an impact on the world around you. Click here



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