The CommUnity Post empowers CommUnity members to share ideas and highlight achievements. Our experiences, ideas and journeys can provide valuable lessons to one another, regardless of where we are.

We connect the geographic spread of CommUnity members by gathering diverse perspectives and insights from motivated writers. We provide a thorough and collaborative peer-review process to develop the highest-quality articles preserving the author’s voice. Our review process helps writers improve their skills, and we aim to broadcast the work of anyone who works with us. We provide writers with the opportunity to gain more visibility and writing attributes by choosing the best articles for our printed publication, increasing the value and achievement of their work. Thus, we support and encourage writers at any level to collaborate with the CommUnity Post.

With this in mind, we are always looking to collaborate with anyone interested. If you have an idea, or want to know more, contact the CommUnity Post through email at or write us a message on the CommUnity platform to:

  • share your story, idea, or opinion, and improve your skills as a writer
  • facilitate our review process, and help improve CommUnity Members' work as a reviewer
  • provide quality images for our publication as a photographer
  • help create beautiful publications that will be seen by professionals and colleagues as a graphic designer
  • and join our team of enthusiastic members!

This is an opportunity to showcase CommUnity Members and elevate the status of the organisation by communicating and developing the highest quality content to externals who are interested or already working in fields related with renewable energy and sustainability.

Contact us and provide us with your background, current status (student, alumni, professional, executive, etc.), and a motivation for why you are interested in collaborating with the CommUnity Post. If you have a specific project you would like to implement, a specific idea for an article/article series you would like to contribute, or a specific role you would like to fulfill, also provide that information.


The CommUnity Post 

27 December 2017

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