The CommUnity Sweden by InnoEnergy gathered on September 22nd for a warm welcome event held in Stockholm. Msc students, PhD candidates and Alumni were invited to get to know each other, meet their peers and some of the InnoEnergy Sweden staff and to kick off the CommUnity Sweden for the next year. The event brought together more than 100 participants in a co-working space for the most engaging and friendly atmosphere.

Kenneth Johansson, CEO of InnoEnergy Sweden, shared helpful insights on InnoEnergy’s goal, structure and activities and encouraged attendees to make the most out of their journey as InnoEnergy students. The event also counted on the participation of InnoEnergy ENTECH alumnus, Allen Ali Mohammadi, and PhD Candidate, José Pérez-Loya – both of them now also entrepreneurs.

 Allen (top left/center), José (top right) and captivated audience

Allen, winner of the EIT Challenge 2015, shared his recent experience as InnoEnergy student and explained how it has empowered him to dare starting a career in health care, a completely new field to him. Telling his story and involvement in higher education, research and business, José perfectly illustrated the knowledge triangle previously introduced by Kenneth Johansson. PhD candidate, researcher on the HYMES innovation project and CEO of start-up Forsnetics, all supported by InnoEnergy, he is now working on enabling the world’s most efficient hydropower generator. Two truly meaningful and inspiring testimonials urging to embrace challenges, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit!

The evening also featured a Co-Creation session, in collaboration with the Open Space Studio. In group of 7, the participants were asked to exchange their ideas and perspectives on the question: How to build an inspiring and engaging community in Sweden? Each group then shared the ideas captured with their peers. The results were made available to the participants and are being considered for implementation in the CommUnity Sweden.

Closing this event was the opportunity to further socialize while sharing pizzas.

The overall vibe was highly welcoming and helped to highlight what matters most for new ideas to flourish: share, connect, collaborate, dare, challenge and have fun! What a great way to start the academic year!


Written by the CommUnity Post

20 October 2016

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