Shouldn’t the Youth Be More Engaged in Climate Action?

“Of course!”, thought Maroš Šefčovič, Vice President of European Commission, responsible for Energy Union. “But how can the EU engage the youth?”


That was the question asked during a Facebook live event with VP Šefčovič in Brussels. The participants and the communities they represented were invited to share their perspective and ideas on the topic, ahead of the One Planet Summit held the next day. Vice President Šefčovič intended to share gained insights with other leaders participating in the Summit.


Some CommUnity Members attending the event: (from left to right) ‌Eryk MasiakDenitsa Kuzeva and Bartlomiej Obolewicz 


The InnoEnergy CommUnity, including its Energy Policies Initiative, was represented there during the session broadcasted to over 700,000 people. The 20 invited participants came from different parts of Europe, and their interests spanned over topics such as sustainability and policy in the food, energy, transportation and housing sectors.


"The 20 invited participants came from different parts of Europe..."

The crowdsourced ideas covered, among others: education about sustainability, leveraging on existing networks to reach the youth, and inclusion of the youth in future climate summits. To boost the entrepreneurial spirit in the youth, Vice President Šefčovič announced that the European Commission will be opening a new financing scheme to boost innovation in sustainability. The initiative, Youth4Climate Action, will make €40 million available, between the years 2018 - 2020, for young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas!


As the InnoEnergy CommUnity, we are proud to have participated in such a great event! Apart from contributing to Vice President Šefčovič’s vision and being involved in the creation of the innovation ecosystem in Europe, we also connect with other like-minded young communities across Europe. We can’t wait to see the outcome! #Youth4Climate


By ‌Eryk Masiak

In Collaboration with The CommUnity Post

Published on 16 January 2017

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