Amateur Advice: Essay Competition 2018

Aug 31, 2018


“To Talk Goodness is not Good, only to do it is”

This instilled the thought of doing things greater with more impact than what I was doing before joining InnoEnergy master program. Because right after I was exposed to the realms of engineering in the current world situation, my research work at a top fortune-five automotive company and a snail pace startup venture creature back home was not enough to generate the impetus needed to make the real impact I aspired.

Then I realized that Ambition is the path to success – To me the first-best step is InnoEnergy Masters. With the right mix of whatever I longed-for during my bachelors has shaped up and invited me to KTH, Stockholm around 12 months back. With KTH, I have worked on several projects equipping myself in technical aspects and in exposure wise to focus aligning my knowledge with the motive.

Apart from the hectic course schedule, my involvement with creative new ideas pushed me to introduce about my startup works – my technological way of impacting. Our team along with KTH Innovation, Sweden has been working on an idea that can potentially revolutionize the E-Mobility in hands with smart distributed grids. Another team I have partnered with is working on an intelligent building for sustainable energy concept along with UnternehmehrTUM, Germany. Currently I am building another venture creation under CERN, Switzerland on next generation LIDAR systems with CERN patented technology for electric autonomous vehicles.

In parallel to my efforts in gearing and equipping up myself to make the impact that I wanted to see technically, I also strongly believe that there is another way of impacting the society - my societal initiative way of impacting. It is more of a psychological way with a strong cause. The need to inculcate in everyone’s minds about the change or at least visualize the change itself, is the drive. Inline to that belief, being an electrical engineer with energy background, clean energy can be materialized by two ways, one through technological change and the other through personal initiatives. Although working towards both, instead of wasting unnecessary energy expenditure by using automobiles to our workplace, my initiative on bike-to-work movement has already started creating tangible impacts – That I can be proud of, which was an idea that was a result of my daily biking experience in Sweden to my university.

Already Europe is driven in utilizing bike for their day-to-day activities, people still feel inferior or lazy to bike to work. I wanted to change this by making them understand the impact out of this. Hence took steps in making them understand that biking helps caring our health, happiness, fitness, environment and in-numerous values that it naturally provides. I am also careful in devising it as a trend amongst youth, as it multiplies our motive at a faster rate.

So then, I have involved in spreading this awareness over 12 European nations that I have travelled so far in my 12 months for various competitions, study visits and conferences. The source of spreading is through all possible ways, friends, families, circles, communities, posts etc. At first it seemed to be a mere repetitive advice, sooner it has become an initiative as I always say, people always listen to understand if we customize our thoughts to theirs.

As months pass by, I have started received calls, positively appreciating the movement as it created some impact in their respective localities. With people started understanding the benefits of this movement, the numbers have swelled up now. One of my friends from France, claimed that after spreading this initiative more than 100 people in his surrounding started shifting to biking for their daily activities, which is a huge success for our two-day camp six months back at France.

Surprisingly, my vision had started reflecting through my friends circle even in countries that we didn't target. One such case is Greece; my Greek friend is super excited about this movement and understand the fortunes of it as an engineer and as a human being and started spreading it his country. It has become popular among our communities even in my home land – India. In a highly crowded city like Chennai with 10 Million population, our friends have started the initiative by travelling to work by bike and started seeing the effects that is beneficial to their body.

Yes, it has become a silent big change just by word-of-mouth that has the huge potential of impacting the society in all possible positive ways right from mental well-being to societal well-being.

I hereby call all our community members to join my movement – let us Bike-to-Work and Hike-our-life!!   


By Balaji Nagaraj Kumar

Published on 31 August 2018.

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