Eindhoven: First Impressions - by Sergio Costa, MSc SELECT Program Student

Oct 19, 2016

The start of the new school year at TU/e has meant a lot of new work, new environments and new people to meet. Fortunately, the InnoEnergy Benelux CommUnity has been there to help make our adjustment a little easier. They started off the year with a bang with two events in September especially for connecting the new InnoEnergy students with the network here.


First was the welcoming drinks at O’Sheas Irish Pub in downtown Eindhoven. This was a great opportunity for all the recent alumni, active InnoEnergy members and current InnoEnergy students to meet and get to know each other. All started in a quiet atmosphere around 6pm, and rapidly got crowded. My personal highlight was meeting Community Manager Davide Garufi, who in addition to organizing the event with the other CommUnity teams, was very helpful in providing contacts relevant to my thesis work and job interests.




A second event was the welcoming at the InnoEnergy Office on the 6th floor of Kennispoort on the TU/e campus. This event allowed each of the InnoEnergy SELECT and SENSE students at TU/e to meet each other and several key organizers of the Benelux CommUnity. After introducing ourselves, we formed teams for a challenging quiz on InnoEnergy Benelux and energy in the Netherlands. Unsurprisingly the InnoEnergy Staff performed best, but the students were very close behind with my team coming in second (with help). Many new organizer positions were also mentioned at the event and several of us agreed to get involved afterwards. The meeting was capped off with a catered lunch and some new EIT jackets were exciting additions.




From both events, I felt very welcomed into the network of the InnoEnergy Benelux CommUnity. I’m looking forward to become a CommUnity representatives and help out in one of its many positions for the upcoming events this year (there are still more available!). I am excited to be a part of such an active and supportive network moving forward.


Sergio Costa 

In collaboration with CommUnity Post

19 October 2016

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