The Eindhoven organised a case solving event on November 24th. The event was to assist the startup iWell by looking into marketable ways for integrating a smart battery management system with domestic solar systems. All Eindhoven CommUnity members were invited.


 Photo by Antonio Muroni


Twenty CommUnity members walked into a bar… and helped guide the future of startups! November 24th was the date of the InnoEnergy Eindhoven CommUnity’s Case Solving Event with iWell at Stadsbrouwerij, Eindhoven. Over beer and nachos, four teams of students and alumni poured over the new opportunities granted by iWell’s unique distributed energy management system, in order to help them make a plan for their businesses moving forward.


After a quick introduction by CommUnity representative Michalis kanellis, the event kicked off with a presentation by iWell co-founder Vincent Ruijter and technical expert Sander Meppelink. They quickly described how in less than a year, iWell had designed an energy management system that could help share power locally between users through managing their home battery systems, electric cars and even high consuming loads. Their greatest challenge is taking this system to the next step: how can they use this technology effectively in a business setting? This time it was our turn to provide the answers.


Photo by Antonio Muroni


The ideas were more enlightening than the 240 Watt beers we were drinking. For an hour we were frantically discussing and drawing our thoughts on paper, careful not to spill the tasty food on our posters (this was practically a sport in itself)! Afterwards, we went up for a two-minute pitch of our ideas. For my team, this was quite difficult since our plan featured a complex legal mechanism for how iWell could sell the electricity they manage. The winning team went with a much more direct idea: using the flexible demand of commercial buildings to help with the production from residential homes. Simple, practical and feasible!


Photo by Antonio Muroni


This event was just the first of many major ways the Eindhoven CommUnity is connecting students, alumni and startups together. Thank you iWell for bringing such an engaging case, and I can’t wait to take part in more collaborations moving forward!


- Sergio Costa (Eindhoven CommUnity)

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29 December 2016

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