The iconic event of CommUnity Benelux “From Thesis to Startup” is back. On the 21st of November, the InnoEnergy CommUnity Eindhoven hosted the event to get the attendees learn about the  “InnoEnergy Highway” program, which can be a very useful tool to go “From thesis to startup”. Among the attendees were InnoEnergy and EIT Digital Master students, Alumni and InnoEnergy staff members.

The main objective of this event is to encourage young minds to enter the startup industry with their ideas originated from their theses. EIT InnoEnergy Highway program is a platform for entrepreneurs and startups to begin their journey into the commercial market.

Mr. Raymond Meeuwsen, Business Creation Manager of Benelux region, gave a brief introduction about the InnoEnergy Highway program and how it could be applied to our own startups. He shared some valuable advice on how to create a successful startup and the importance of a perfect team.  

We later engaged in a collaborating challenge from Heat-Power--a startup focused on an innovative way to design combined gas and steam cycles (which, together increases their efficiency)--presented by Tom Huizer. One of the noteworthy elements of the challenge was that it made us think in the way someone working with a startup does. We split up into teams and took a role based on our interests and skills, whether it was a leader, the communication manager or the financial manager. This process is imperative in selecting best people with the most suitable skills to form a winning team, and to realize how each role can contribute to a successful startup. This experience also helped us  explore how to make the best use of participation in the InnoEnergy Highway program.

Finally, we simulated a real life situation, presenting our plans to a client (investor) based on how the market would react to the technology, market competition, entry of new players and possible room for improvements.

At the end of the session, we played a game to challenge ourselves in an entertaining way to approach the problem. The game involved hitting the maximum points on a dart board with the goal of hitting the target market--a microcosm of what entrepreneurship is. A networking session with drinks to end the event on a positive note concluded a hard day’s work. I feel that such events help us  overcome the hurdles we may face during the startup creation process and give us an insight of the resources available in the market.

Teams working in the collaborative challenge

Thesis to Startup participants 


By ‌Kiran Raj

In Collaboration with The CommUnity Post

29 January 2018

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