Barcelona's CommUnity celebrated its Welcome Event on 21 September. The event gathered Alumni and MSc Students, both first-years and second-years, and all of them had the chance of meeting the InnoEnergy Barcelona staff. More than 100 people were brought together in an environment of CommUnity-building and co-creation, and that marked the beginning of a year full of energy, expectations and projects.

It was a Wednesday like any other. Except it wasn’t. Over hundred people from different branches of the InnoEnergy CommUnity came together for the first time this semester. Everyone was present, first-years, second-years and executives. For the first-years joining InnoEnergy's programs and embarking on a remarkable journey ahead, this was a chance to better understand the organization, to meet other students and of course, to enjoy free food. For the second years, it was a chance to re-connect after a summer of internships, business school and traveling.

After a short period of handshakes, hugs and introductions, proceedings kicked off with Mikel Lasa, the Managing Director of InnoEnergy Iberia. Mikel laid out the structure of InnoEnergy, its history and most importantly, what its overarching mission was. He talked about the other arms of the organization, such as a thriving business-startup community investing in market solutions to a cleaner future. One of the more specific points Mikel mentioned was that even though InnoEnergy is a for-profit organization, it always invests all net earnings back into itself, thus, strengthening its educational and business offerings.


Mikel Lasa (left) and Claudio Geyken (right)

The event then moved on to Claudio Geyken, InnoEnergy's Community Officer. Claudio talked about the importance of a strong global CommUnity working towards a shared mission and how he believes we can be that community. He shared how his journey led him to work in building a 2000-member strong community and spearheading the AlumniUnite event. This upcoming event brings every year together both alumni and students from a vast variety of countries, to co-create, and build something better together.

Next, Judith Cruxent, InnoEnergy's Business Creation Manager, spoke about the business side of InnoEnergy. Judith delved deeper into the importance of accelerating viable clean-tech start-ups and further focused on InnoEnergy's business partners. She emphasized how this business network could be leveraged to students’ benefits and could open many new doors.


Judith Cruxent (left) and Oriol Pujoldevall (right)

Oriol Pujoldevall, Barcelona’s Local CommUnity Manager, wrapped up the line-up of speakers by speaking about the unique role of the CommUnity representatives, their tasks and responsibilities, the contacts they make and the beautiful experiences they have while learning about team and community-building.

The evening ended with a team-building game where students from all the different InnoEnergy programs worked together to answer trivia questions through hurried discussions, laughter and occasional clapping. 


Attendees playing the Trivia Quiz

Stomachs rumbling, everyone started leaving the room and were greeted by a long row of pizza and drinks. And all was right with the world again.


By Rachit Kansal

4 October 2016

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