Open Space Studio Co-Creation with Siemens Wind Power

Recently, a group from Siemens Wind Power Innovation management and Future Technologies got together with InnoEnergy Master’s School students for an intensive 1,5 day co-creative workshop executed by the Open Space Studio.

The workshop was held in the peaceful town of Jesteburg, near Hamburg, where the participants sat together, talked and became completely immersed around the topic:

“How do we progress Siemens Wind Power with Augmented Reality?”

In that true Open Space Studio way, the workshop had a series of small and whole group conversations, as well as inspirational walks around the nearby forest in pairs or small groups. The atmosphere during the whole workshop was very open and creative and new ideas were coming up.

After these 1,5 days there was a real sense of engagement throughout the whole team, where people felt energised by what was co-created.


By Krishna Reddy

7 June 2017

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