ENTECH – Open Space Studio Conference and Graduation for intake 2014-16

Every journey comes to an end at some point – or changes shape.

For the ‘Energy Technologies’ ENTECH Master Programme Intake of 2014, their two-year journey with the Master Programme and the Open Space Studio has come to an end and changed shape in the form of them being prepared to act as change agents in their future energy business environment.

The ENTECH Intake 2014 started their Open Space Studio journey over two years ago, with a Winter Atelier in 2014, followed by Leading Growth training in Karlsruhe and Lisbon. A highlight of their journey was the ensuing Summer Atelier in 2015, where they continued their personal mastery journey and experienced a co-creative process to a current EU sustainable energy challenge. Together with industry and academia participants and Eco-Dryer Systems they co-created a solution to the challenging question ‘How do we bring Eco-Dryer Systems to the market in a sustainable and profitable way?’ (LINK: http://www.innoenergy.com/entech-summer-atelier-2015/)

All ENTECH Intake 2014 students met in Karlsruhe from December 10 – 12 2016 to be trained for the Open Space Studio Conference and to enjoy their graduation ceremony. December 10 and 11 were spent training and working on preparing potent 5 min TED-like talks based on their research during the master thesis, their passion and motivation as well as their experience of the Open Space Studio. The graduates had prepared a poster beforehand with similar content to get in dialogue during the marketplace session on the conference day. The first day of the training was rounded off by graduation dinner, along with Alumni from the 2012 intake, and their graduation ceremony from the Open Space Studio.

At the Open Space Studio Conference, a one-day event on December 12, all students presented their individual 5-minute TED-like talks, allowing the attending guests to get a broad overview over their interests, talent, passion and thoughts. These final talks were captured on camera. Throughout the afternoon a co-creation session with three questions regarding the TED-like talks was tackled in smaller groups: “How do we engage the unengaged?”, “How do small things make a big impact?” and “How do we turn a dream into reality?”. The day ended in a big circle with an appreciation round.


We wish all our graduates from the 2014 ENTECH Intake success and happiness in their future. As one of our Alumni said: This is not an end, it’s the beginning of something great!

In this sense the Open Space Studio journey goes on. 

Find more photos of the Open Space Studio Conference on our flickr account.



By Krishna Reddy

05 July 2017

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