Building ownership innovation

Idea created by Michele Andreoli Partner on 07-Apr-2018
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    • Lukas Galdikas
    • Jacopo Sala
    • Bruno Prazeres
    • Marcello Avanzini
    • Awab Baqar
    • Robert Pleticha

    Hi, guys, I'm trying to find a way to innovate one of the older markets in existence; the real estate market. I wanted to implement new technologies and new solutions to redefine the landscape and the possibility of it. In particular, I was thinking to split the ownership between a company that would manage the energy part and the users that will manage the rest. The problem I'm trying to solve is the access to ownership for new generations and people with fewer investment opportunities. To solve this complex problem I thought about using smart houses, renewables and shared economìy concepts (spreading management, responsibility and risk among the different parts involved). Since the problem and also the solution can be complex you can check out the website I made trying to give concreteness to my thoughts mysite. I'm very interested in knowing your point of view, explain you better what is my mind and also and discovering if there is someone crazy like me that wants to join or support the project as he can. innovationsmart buildingentrepreneurship