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    Our planet the earth has to cater for a continiously growing population today + 7 billion people and expeted to grow up to 9 billion by year 2050. All of them aspiring and looking to enjoy constantly higher levels of living standards. Already today the 7 billion people on the earth consumer several times more of the limited and both non-renwable as well as renewable resources than the earth can repoduce and withstand per year. Further a little and concentrated part of the entire global population is consuming and controlling the majority of the global resources. Simultaneously a globally accelerating urbanisation process of people, businesses and activites into cities and urbanises areas. These cities worldwide have to find a way to become much more sustainable and efficient that today. The keys are among other water, food, energy, housing and transportations as well as stable economies and welfare systems.


    All these challenges, greately empowrered by the accessability of cost efficient clean and sustainable energy, can only be met with a well balanced portfolio of complementary and adaptable renewable and emission free local energy solutions. Solar, wind and hydro are all great ways to produce clean energy, but still very much insufficient and with too volatile delivery capabilities to meet the eccelerating energy demands globally. Now therefore part of the solution to enable cities to become both smart and sustainable is to complement their energy suppliers with more efficient renewable emission free baseload energy. One of the best ways to meet these demands and strategic sustainablitiy goals is to establish, deploy and benefit from the immense energy opportunities provided by mother earths geothermal energy resources. In the inner core of the earth, 6000 Km from the earth's surface, the temperature is around 6000 degree C due to the constanct and immense natural heat creation process. This heat gets distibuted to the whole planet which explains why 99% of the earth's entire mass is hotter than 1000 degree C. Only less than 0,1% is cooler than 100 degree C. This immense geothermal heat deep in the bedrock of the earth's crust has until recently only been feasible to explore and benefit from in very rare and extreme locations with either nearby vulcanic activities or on areas considered as super-heated geothermal zones, as examples in places like Iceland, California, Kenya and Indonesia and based on extractable high geothermal temperatures in the ranges 150-450 degree C. Further using conventional geothermaly open and rather ineffective designs limiting the potential and effectiveness. Now this is changing radically due to the pioneering developments of Energeotek called NxGeo "Next generation geothernal energy systems". NxGeo systems now can deliver renewable emission free locally produced electricity, heating. cooling and cascade based energy applications to cities and to industries around the world. NxGeo paves the roads for the establishments and configurations of smart sustainable cities around the globe. Energeotek with partners is leading the way. The goal is now to make every key stakeholders in governments, authorities, cities, municiaplities, energy sectors, infrastructure and transportation sectors pioners and investors in cleantech and sustainability efficiency aware and engaged in the global process to transform cities, industries and urbanises areas from today's non sustainable that therefore slowing dying civilisations into sustainable, strong and stable welfare based societies, cities, municipalities and industries ready to meet and deal with the oppotunities and threats that lies ahead and around the corner for the global populations. Keys in the execution are partnerships and cooperation executied via relevant and efficient consortiums and joint ventures by clever, responsible and professional pioneers and stakeholders. 


    You and every other relevant, interested and capable individual, company, authority, governement, business owner and investors are invited and welcome to join in on the biggest, most critically important and potentially rewarding journey and transformation process that mankind has ever experienced in modern times.


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