Designing a blended micromaster program in battery storage

Idea created by Robert Pleticha Partner on 17-Jul-2017

    InnoEnergy would like to collect information for the creation of a blended micromaster programme in battery storage. As with all education activities in InnoEnergy it will not only cover the technical part, but also emphasise the innovation aspects and the business impact.


    Please vote the idea up if this seems like an interesting topic. 


    The target audience for the programme includes:
    - professionals in technical functions that need to upgrade their technical skills and understand the business impact of storage.
    - professionals in business functions that need to understand the impact of storage for the energy transition.

    Key question: how would such a course have to be designed, structured and offered before you would take it?
    (please comment below on aspects like length, content, format, pace, coaching, tutoring, and anything else that comes to mind)

    Additional questions to comment on, we need your input to create a meaningful course: 

    • Which online courses exist in battery storage? (MOOCs, ..etc.)
    • Who are the top universities, top professors, top researchers  …etc. in battery storage?
    • Who in the InnoEnergy network knows battery storage?


    Share your comments below and help shape the future of InnoEnergy's Professional Learning programme.