Positive Discrimination?

Idea created by Mina Mirzadeh Partner on 15-May-2017

    In many international institutes and some countries, there exists what is called " positive discrimination"  favoring women when hiring or assigning tasks. Many international companies are also putting much of an effort to get closer to gender equality in their HR to boost their diversity in their working environment. 
    Basically, this positive discrimination means that if a man and a woman with exact same qualification apply for a position, the tendency is given to hire the woman, knowing the following:

    • The woman has had higher obstacles to overcome in order to get to the same position as the man has.
    • There is more chance for the man in the job market to find another position
    • This woman, if hired, would have a chance to break the stereotype of "successful professionals are only men" and become a role model for other women.

    Giving this short introduction, what do you say if we put such idea in practice within CU representatives? I have the following idea at the moment which I leave it for voting:

    • Minimum 1 woman rep from each location at each reunion

    What do you say?