Gotland Adventure

Idea created by Enric Perarnau Ollé Partner on 23-Nov-2016

    Hello Community members!


    My name is Enric Perarnau and I am a first year student of the MSc in Energy for Smart Cities. This current semester I contacted Lukas Keller in order to become an active member of the InnoEnergy Community here in Stockholm!

    Some weeks ago I came up with an idea that I would like to share with all of you, in order to hear some feedback and create engagement with the Community!


    Our main goal in this project is to build up a long relationship/collaboration between the community and the municipality and energy companies of Gotland (an island south-east Sweden).


    To achieve this purpose, six other students and I are trying to organise a Study Visit there. We believe this might be the first step in order to establish a good relationship with them. The main idea is to spend there a whole weekend on April (from Thursday night to Sunday night) in which we want to visit some of the energy plants in the area, and also set up a meeting with the municipality.


    The Island of Gotland is known to be one of the regions in Sweden with the most ambitious Energy Plan for the following years in order to create a community increasingly sustainable and committed to the environment. Gotland has set itself the challenge of having a climate-neutral energy supply by 2025. Offering the highest possible efficiency and economy, the supply will be based on local renewable resources and will contribute to local growth.


    Since Gotland is one of the best European locations for wind power, our intention is to visit one of the wind farms in the area. We have reached the first contact there that can help us to organise a whole-day visit to Nässuden, one of the largest wind farms in the region. Moreover, he also recommended us to visit the first Static Inverter Plant built up in Europe for the power supply located in Gotland.


    At the moment we have also reached the municipality of Gotland, and although they still have not given a clear answer, they see in good eyes our visit there. Our main intention is to organise some speeches with them in order to better know which measures they are planning to implement in the island to accomplish the Energy Plan.  


    We believe this activity could be suitable for all the students from InnoEnergy studying here in Sweden, in order to see how smart and renewable solutions are implemented in reality, and also to gather together, better know each other, and spend a fantastic spring weekend in Gotland!


    As I said at the beginning this idea is just starting so we are completely opened to any advice or insight you could give us! Also do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to join the Gotland team.


    We’ll keep updating with further information.




          International Study of RE-Regions: Gotland, Sweden