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Jacopo Sala

EU's perovskite market

Posted by Jacopo Sala Partner 03-Aug-2018

This report by the European Union gives a very nice insight into the Perovskite european situation!

Perovskites are growing continuously and a recent paper published by NREL found that with an interlayer the cells can sustain more than 1000 hours in open air and demonstrating that Spiro-MeOTAD might be the reason of the losses. However, the thermal tests were not done.


NREL Scientists Demonstrate Remarkable Stability in Perovskite Solar Cells | News | NREL 

Jacopo Sala

Perovskites are rising

Posted by Jacopo Sala Partner 13-Jan-2018

Hey guys, this is the efficiency chart and perovskites seems performing better every year with an astonishing growth. The current record is 22,7% and it just surpassed all its competitors. Does any of you have access to the paper reporting this result?