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alba.matamorales mentioned MSc Energy for Smart Cities - KTH Stockholm 2017 4 weeks ago Show mention context
The Student Union at KTH (THS International Students) worked hard in order to gather useful links for international students. Below is a copy of their Facebook post. I hope you find them useful.   Hey people! The relocation can be tough but we prepared the list of useful links which perhaps will make it easier for you. The Ultimate Student Packing… (Show more)
I am thinking of starting a Whatsapp Group in parallel to the community group for the accepted students in MSc Smart Cities KTH 2017 (we may also include those accepted to Leuven later).   If you are interested in joining the group kindly leave your phone number in the comment section with your country code, or just send me a Whatsapp to my… (Show more)
Have any one got the insurance yet ? plus when do this course start as I have to apply for visa and visa takes a lot of time! Also what is the procedure for bank statement that show how are you going to support yourself.
Hello,   Already received my admission letter from KTH. I wasn't given clear information regarding the accommodation. Can anyone inform me?
I applied for Accommodation but didn't get any sort of reply yet from KTH, Also regarding the statement mentioned on KTH that Accommodation for innoEnergy students in guaranteed, how accurate is that I mean should i look for accommodations on my own or rely on that statement only. Also did any one else get the reply yet ?
Hi everyone, It's Fereshteh and I'm really happy to be accepted to MSc Energy for Smart Cities and starting this fall studying at KTH. I have some questions that I really appreciate if any body would like to answer and help Among new students, has any body received visa from migration agency?  Everybody is probably planning for a flight to… (Show more)
Have you been Accepted to MSc Energy for Smart Cities in Round 1 or are you applying in Round 2?   Take this opportunity to meet two current students sharing their experience of the programme, why they applied to it and what lies ahead in their future. The webinar will be structured in two sections: presentation and Q&A.   Are you interested? Do… (Show more)
Congratulations on being accepted to MSc Energy for Smart Cities.   For all students with the first year at KTH Stockholm, kindly follow this group. Do not forget to tag other accepted applicants to the comment section in order to join this group.   I look forward to meeting all of you.   Regards,   P.S: You have to click on the Follow button… (Show more)
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