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Blog Post created by Archishman Bose Partner on 22-Dec-2017

Recently I was asked by my friend if there exists comprehensive resource for LCA Studies. So, I thought that such a list might be useful to all who are doing or will do LCA studies.


I list here all the comprehensive sources of LCA studies. I will continue to update whenever applicable. 

1. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (Dedicated Journal for LCA - Springer)

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 

2. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (Review Journal - Elsevier) - often contains reference to LCA Studies
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews - Journal - Elsevier 

3. Sustainability — Open Access Journal
Sustainability | An Open Access Journal from MDPI 

4. LCI Databases | Athena Sustainable Materials Institute 

5. Journal of Industrial Ecology - Wiley

6. Waste Management (Formerly known as Nuclear and Chemical Waste Management) 

7. Sustainable Production and Consumption - Elsevier

Sustainable Production and Consumption | 

8. Journal of Cleaner Production - Elsevier 

9. Resources, Conservation and Recycling - |Elsevier 

10. Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan
Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 

11. Renewable Energy - Elsevier - Often dedicated LCA studies with respect to Renewable Energy Technologies are published in this journal. 


Please, if anyone knows any other good resource, comment below. I will add them in the link. Hope to create a comprehensive repository!!.