Archishman Bose

The Minerals and Metals for PV, Wind and Others

Blog Post created by Archishman Bose Partner on 02-Dec-2017

The minerals and metals used in our everyday life, and which will continue to increase can be found in the following link, developed by the Minerals Education Coalition in the United States. 
Minerals In Your Life | Minerals Education Coalition 


It lists not only the minerals for important renewable energy generators like Solar PV and Wind Turbines, but also for LEDs and Modern Hybrid Cars and Mobile Phones.


More importantly, it lists their origin of all the raw materials and hence a global perspective of an entire Life cycle of a Wind Turbine or a Solar PV can be obtained with respect to the material flow.


An integral relationship of a simple solar PV panel as an example to availability of critical raw materials and international relationship and trade can easily be understood.