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Life Cycle and Sustainability

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Archishman Bose
Often we talk about going green and clean. But how exactly are we measuring up to it?   This 2012 paper gives a clear picture assessing the net footprint of different nations and Clusters (EU27) to preset the net material footprint of nations. It also takes into account all the shifts of the environmental burden from developed countries to…
Archishman Bose
In this article,  The decoupling delusion: rethinking growth and sustainability  the concept of De-Coupling is presented and three point of arguments are lucidly discussed.    It points out to what we might actually be missing while within the subject of De-coupling of economic growth with environmental impacts.    And opens the question again… (Show more)
Archishman Bose
A comprehensive document of PV panel Recycling. With opinions growing on the electronic waste from PV as a major issue that might occur in the future, this document provides a comprehensive review and description of the waste management strategies of Solar PV Panels. Such strategies will gain further importance, especially in developing countries.…
Archishman Bose
This publication, by Turconi et al (2013) performed the life cycle analysis of the state of the art renewable and non renewable based power generation. I hereby share a screen-grab of the main result which is often one of the most used and searched for data, for multiple academic and estimation purposes.   
Archishman Bose   The vast resource, lying completely untapped in Bolivia's salt flats is a potential resource of lithium. With increase in EVs not only because they are efficient, but also since they present various opportunities in the fields of demand… (Show more)
Archishman Bose
The role of China (supplier of 80% of Rare Earth Elements) and other critical raw materials of the EU explained, with consequences.   What do you think?
Archishman Bose   With the growth of renewable energy concepts of energy independence and energy autonomy, have historically been defined as the ability of nations or regions to be independent of the reliance of fossil fuel import and associated… (Show more)
Archishman Bose
Why has the climate policies not been so successful in bringing change? Is it only because renewables are more costly? or is it something more complex?    Green Paradox - by economist Hans-Werner Sinn has an explanation to this. Though debated by other literature and researchers to the extent of realization, a weak green paradox has already been…
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