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Call for Projects!

Blog Post created by Carl Barkestam Partner on 30-Jun-2017

Hi students!


I hope that you’re enjoying this lovely summer.


It's time to look to the future and see how we can promote the Master's School and our programmes even better for next year. For this we want to take concrete examples from all of our talented students!


Call for Projects

What is your project?

We want to highlight our student’s achievements and bring these fronts and center in our new marketing campaign. We’re looking for past, current or future projects (academic, industry, CommUnity), modules, internships, master thesis or other initiatives that you believe prospective students would find interesting.


This is an opportunity to sharpen your pitching skills, work on value proposition and possibly get some coverage on your topic/project.


The outcome of this could be:

  • Interviews – Do you have a great story?
  • Infographics – Can your project and its expected outcome be shown visually?
  • Photoshoots – Do you work with/on tangible products or at interesting locations?
  • Film shooting – Doing something that shows best on video? We can do that as well!


All ideas and projects are welcome!


Please email:

  • Subject: Call for Proposals: Student projects
  •  Brief:
    •      What is your project?
    •      What is the purpose, why are you passionate about this?
    •      What impact do you expect your project to have?
    •      How do you think your project could best be displayed?
    •      Max 300 words + supporting docs/images/etc.



Deadline for submission is 14 July 2017