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New Teaching methodology in Technical Schools: Business Case

Blog Post created by Silvia Mateos Partner on 24-Apr-2017

The Faculty of the MASTER SCHOOL starts developing new pedagogical methodologies by participating in a Case Teaching Workshop at ESADE Business School, last 31st of March.

Last 31st March, MSc RENE organized a Case Teaching Workshop to foster the application of the Case Method in technical universities partners of InnoEnergy. The workshop, imparted by Prof. Andrés Cuneo, was held at ESADE Business School in Barcelona.

InnoEnergy MASTER SCHOOL aims to deliver top engineering graduates with advanced leadership skills, industrial practice, innovation and entrepreneurship expertise, in the field of renewable energy. Such a challenge requires a new quality focus of the programme. One of the actions identified and implemented in the continuous programme improvement is to introduce pedagogical evolutions.

For many years, business schools have been melting theory and practice, using the Case Method as one of their core pedagogical tools. Reality shows that hands-on classes using business cases, where participants can create their own hypothesis, discover opportunities and challenges for companies in different markets, industries and business functions, is a great opportunity to train and test their decision-making process. The best ways to quickly learn what to look for in a current situation is to work case studies with the information at hand.

The use of the case method remains as a powerful pedagogical tool to train students under this logic. Case studies have long been used, not exclusively in business schools, but in law schools, medical schools and the social sciences and only in limited form in hard sciences and engineering.

MATER SCHOOL’s Faculty has been working for some years to introduce the Case Method Teaching to the aula, especially in MSc RENE and MSc CFAFE; Now, the Education Management of the MSc Programs wants to widely implement this innovative pedagogical methodology in technical and engineering schools.

Prof. Enrique Velo (Enrique Velo), Program director of MSc RENE and responsible for the organization of this Workshop shared his perspective, “The main objective is to contribute to the InnoEnergy Masters long-term objective of achieving the best quality of learning and teaching, within the knowledge triangle, in the framework of a market-oriented approach”

Prof. Josep Bordonau (Josep Bordonau), Education Officer at CC Iberia also added “Our objective is to implement the Case Method as a new methodology in our Masters to consolidate their unique value proposition”

According to Prof. Enrique Velo, the Faculty of the Master School will continue developing the Case Teaching Methodology, by training the teachers and producing “Engineering and Business Case  to impart in the classrooms