Enrique Velo

14 PhD positions are available in the framework of the project "GreenCarbon”

Blog Post created by Enrique Velo Partner on 23-Nov-2016

The coordinator of the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Project “GreenCarbon”, has informed me that 14 PhD positions are available in the framework of this project. The online application procedure is now open through the GreenCarbon's web site (http://greencarbon-etn.eu/). Detailed information on job positions and application process are available at the same web site.



The main objective of GreenCarbon is to develop new scientific knowledge, capability, technology, and commercial products for biomass-derived carbons (BCs); thus impacting the way that Europe uses and innovates with sustainable carbon materials.

The research programme of GreenCarbon comprehensively covers all aspects from precursors (the nature of biomass) to processing (thermochemical conversion, porosity development, chemical functionalisation) and application (e.g., CO2 capture, heterogeneous catalysis and chemicals from biomass) enabling a unique design of engineered sustainable BC materials.


At the same time, the training programme of GreenCarbon is designed with the aim to empower the ESRs through the provision of a comprehensive and coherent training package, which includes complementary competencies and knowledge in all the science, engineering and business skills so as to be capable of deploying new technologies within different environments both inside and outside of academia.