Timothy Mulé

Solar Lighting and Drinking Water for Rohingya Refugees

Blog Post created by Timothy Mulé Partner on 27-Jan-2018

Hello Everyone!


I am currently in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh volunteering with a fellow energy engineer (Cristina Mata Yandiola) to help bring solar lighting and clean drinking water to the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. Since this latest crisis began in August 2017, the population of the camps here have reached nearly 1 million. Many of these people are living in makeshift settlements without access to many basic facilities such as water and lighting. We are working with local Bangladeshi contractors to supply independent solar street lighting systems to light public areas, and water wells that reach a depth of 200 meters to provide clean drinking water to these people in need. Photos of similar systems that are already in the camp have been attached to this post.


You can follow our work on our fundraising page here: Fundraiser by Tim Mulé : Rohingya Refugee Camp Support 


Please help in any way you can, whether it be through donations or by spreading awareness of the situation in this part of the world, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these projects.


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