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Stefano Roveda
In the last blog posts proposed on the group we discussed about the existence of different Paths of development and the risk to provide more harm than good. For Krystel Araneda part of the problem lies in "wanting to go fast without a previous observation phase". This can be solved with direct contact with the community involved ("ask the…
Federica Tomasini
Hello everyone!    Me and my colleague Giulia Torri have started in January a four-handed master thesis focused on the feasibility study of a pico scale hydro power plant to electrify a small rural village in Togo. Unfortunately, due to internal problems of the NGO, they are now not able to support us anymore with data.   Therefore, we find… (Show more)
Stefano Roveda
This is the last episode of the series "Paths of development", where we talked about different type of influence on developing countries. I want to talk about another form of influence by telling you two exemples, two cases that happened while I was in Guinea Bissau. The first one involves a group of italian volunteers who pledged to install a… (Show more)
Silvia Francioso
Boiling Point is a practitioner’s journal for those working with household energy and stoves. It deals with technical, social, financial and environmental issues and aims to improve the quality of life for poor communities living in the developing world. This issue was focused on the "enablers" for the Improved Cooking stoves to faciliatae the…
Robert Pleticha
RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research is an independent, non-profit research institution in Essen, Germany. RWI provides evidence-based policy advice to political entities and the wider public. RWI’s Climate Change in Developing Countries group conducts cutting-edge research in development economics and specifically on how the poor deal… (Show more)
Robert Pleticha
Hey CommUnity members!   A friend of a friend just reached out to me asking if I could refer anyone to fill a position as a Project Engineer with her company. The job would be in Nairobi, Kenya with CrossBoundary Energy. I have attached the job description to this post. I know that it says the ideal candidate should have 5 years of experience,… (Show more)
Stefano Roveda
I think that it is necessary to learn before to teach. I know I am saying this too much already and I tend to be boring. I want then to write 2 or 3 little stories to back this concept up a little bit.   I want to talk with you about the belief that there is no single way towards development.  To think in the world so many different cultures… (Show more)
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