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Developing countries inclusion

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Stefano Roveda
In the last blog posts proposed on the group we discussed about the existence of different Paths of development and the risk to provide more harm than good. For Krystel Araneda part of the problem lies in "wanting to go fast without a previous observation phase". This can be solved with direct contact with the community involved ("ask the…
Falko Döring
We are organizing an event in Lisbon around the topic of sustainable energy solutions in developed countries. We would like to make it sound as engaging as possible. These are some proposals: - Can sustainable energy solve developing countries problems? - How does sustainable energy solve developing countries problems? - Energy Challenges in… (Show more)
Stefano Roveda
I just found this on Linkedin, loved that! I am reposting it here, so everybody can see it.  I'll be glad if someone could share more of his/her experience with us!   Broadening Horizons in Indonesia : InnoEnergy - pioneering change in sustainable energy      I am pretty happy to see that Giulia Torri and Federica Tomasini were involved in the… (Show more)
Silvia Francioso
In 2015, the GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities programme awarded SunCulture a grant to design and scale solar-powered irrigation systems in Kenya . Check-out this video that showcases the life-changing impact of solar-powered irrigation!!
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Stefano Roveda
Alright here is the group we were talking about to make with Claudio Geyken and Silvia Francioso. The name is developing countries inclusion, focusing in energy inclusion and financial inclusion   The goal is to take action as InnoEnergy members, coming out with ideas, projects and activities in order to include developing countries in the… (Show more)
Silvia Francioso
Delighted to announce the release of the newest edition of the semi-annual Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report - Sales & Impact Data H2 2017! The 67 companies participating in the data collection sold 4.14 million off-grid solar products in H2 2017 – 18% growth from H1 2017 Moreover, for the 1st time, the report includes figures on the newly…
Silvia Francioso
GOGLA and Lighting Global are organizing this webinar to present key findings and results around sales and impact data drawn from the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report for the period July-December 2017. Join us by registering here: 
Giacomo Ravaioli
Hi everyone, I'm an italian student and I've just been accepted for the SELECT master at Innoenergy. I'm looking for advices to help me decide wether this master is suited to my aims: I'd like to work in the field of providing sustainable energy to the underdeveloped areas of the world. My question is: does Innoenergy provides possibilities to… (Show more)
Krystel Araneda
Regarding the topic of developing countries inclusion. I want to open a discussion line on the viability of creating debate to improve decision making within rural communities.  I’m currently working on my master’s project and it deals with decentralized electrification of rural communities in Guatemala. While thinking about ways to favor… (Show more)
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