Filippo Antonio Capizzi

Energy Policies Workshop - A report from last joint effort

Blog Post created by Filippo Antonio Capizzi Partner on 29-May-2018

As it often said, outcome depends on the effort. Effort, on the people.

Last 22nd of March, the InnoEnergy EU BU office in Brussels hosted the second Energy Policies joint event, full of students and professionals willing to understand a bit more about this package that will bring clearer and fairer rules for the consumers while tackling poverty and adapting the markets to the current state-of-the-art.


The around 40 people who came to enrich their knowledge have been welcomed first by Claudio Geyken - sharing the exciting mission of the CommUnity - and then by the Energy Policies core team, where Davide Garufi, Filippo Antonio Capizzi and Maria Chiara Gullì disclosed the reasons why a focus on energy policies is needed - now - and involves everyone (the reader is not excluded). The effort in transmitting the message is not second to those of the local Energy Policies teams, that - at the moment of writing - have accomplished in spreading the knowledge in the Lisbon, Barcelona and Stockholm CommUnities.

The energy transition needed in the field can be achieved solely through regulations that reflect the present and future needs of the customers. Their key role in the transformation of both products and services pushes companies to understand how they can better comply with the soon-to-be-established market design. This is the reason why Louise Coffineau, with her overview of the European legislative framework up to the current Energy Union, presented to the professionals in the audience where they should bring their effort.


However, since there is not a unique answer to the question, Marion Labatut provided the audience with the proper basics on energy markets, their design, qualities and flaws that the audience used right after lunch.

During the afternoon, in fact, spectators became actors. A simulation game finely-tuned by Louise and Pierre Serkine was held, and after being divided into Consumers, Transmission Operators, Distribution Operators, Incumbents and Newcomers, every group had to define its priorities on the energy market and negotiate with whoever believed was the recipient. Another three groups represented the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, that - without a doubt - have been targeted the most amongst all.

The results? Coalitions have been formed, priorities have been clearly stated to the concerned groups and a strong willingness to ‘do the right thing’ pervaded the office for hours.
How to convince? Three indicators have been agreed: relevance of the raised points, the proposed strategy to follow and how much realistic was the proposals.
After a “tough discussion”, it was the Consumers’ team to take the first position. With “very specific points” presented, and the “realism” of the proposals, they broke the Parliament heart!

The event is ended, and apart from checking the full video on Youtube, follow the group to be promptly informed about next events!