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Blockchain in the Energy Sector

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Madis Leinakse
There is a PhD opportunity on "Possible Uses of Blockchain Technology in the Power Markets" at Tallinn University of Technology (aka TalTech, located in Estonia). APPLICATION DEADLINE October 12 !!!! (You only need to submit a CV by that deadline). *** MSc alumni are welcome to apply, start of project is negotiable. Supervisors Dr. Hannes Agabus… (Show more)
Fayaz Ahmed
A blockchain is a secure, transparent and decentralized digital ledger designed for exchanging value/information in a peer-to-peer network. Blockchain technology has already disrupted finance industry in the recent years, by allowing virtual currencies like bitcoins to work efficiently without involving intermediaries or third parties. It has… (Show more)
Fayaz Ahmed
Renewable energy technologies are being sought all over the world, whether to shift away from fossil fuels in order to create sustainable future or simply to provide basic electrification for the fifth of the population without access. Energy leaders believe that blockchain technology would be playing key role in making this thing happen.   A… (Show more)
Fayaz Ahmed
The most important trade-off in blockchain large scale adoption happens to be scalability versus performance. Consensus algorithm consumes most of the energy required to run the system which hinders its scalibility, switching from proof of work to proof of stake consensus mechanism does reduce the consumption of energy required for reaching… (Show more)