Smart Mobility Challenge with FEV : AUTOMATING WASTE MANAGEMENT!

Created by Archishman Bose Partner on 25-Jul-2018

Thursday, 27 September 2018 at Energy Center - Politecnico di Torino

Starts at 18:30 · Ends on 28-Sep-2018 at 19:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Archishman Bose
  • Camilla Wikström
  • Farhan Farrukh
  • Awab Baqar
  • Fahad Ali Sarwar
  • Marine Cornelis
  • Marcello Rava
  • Prudwee raj Angal
  • Omar Gadjiev

Hello Enthusiasts!


Congratulations to all those interested in Smart Cities; Urban development and planning; Autonomous Transportation;  Waste Management; Energy Services and more on securing a spot in the “Business Case Challenge with FEV”, organized jointly by InnoEnergy CommUnity Turin and Energy Center, Politecnico di Torino. We are also delighted to announce the presence of 5T in the judging committee! 


The FEV Case Solving event will focus on automated mobility solutions in the sector of waste management. Every challenge has many solutions, and this is your chance to bring your intellect and creativity to the table and SOLVE A REAL PROBLEM!


Please find below the attachments that will help you throughout the event and also provide additional information in case you are interested. These documents are not confidential. So use them to the best of your abilities to create an unique solution to our challenge!!

Energy Center - Politecnico di Torino

Via Paolo Borsellino 38/16 Turin Italy