CommUnity Representatives Summit Krakow 2018

Created by Aleksandra Radwanska Partner on 11-Jul-2018

Friday, 9 November 2018 at Krakow

Starts at 18:00 · Ends on 11-Nov-2018 at 15:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

To be a representative

As a CommUnity representative, you uphold the vision of a sustainable energy future and enthusiastically act towards that vision with passion and commitment. If you are devoted to contributing to a change, you will be profoundly rewarded as a representative of the CommUnity.

Being a representative also comes with plenty of benefits and rewards:

  • Unite with a caring, trusting and an accountable network of proactive representatives
  • Receive special invitations to events (The CommUnity Days, EIT Alumni CONNECT, The Business Booster, and more)
  • Get insights into the InnoEnergy and CommUnity strategy
  • Influence CommUnity activities and realise your own ideas for the community: be an entrepreneur
  • Learn management skills, strategic planning and event organisation, among others


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Why the Summit?

Twice a year, the CommUnity representatives are invited for a weekend to reconnect, ideate, exchange goals and plans for future activities, share the latest news and best practices and strengthen connections to build a long-lasting, strong CommUnity.


For the purpose of providing a valuable experience for all the CommUnity members and strengthening our network, this year we are focusing on the development of the CommUnity members and their growth. The event will consist of interactive, dynamic and impact-oriented content, as well as the soft skill training specially tailored to the needs of the representatives.


What can you expect?


Meeting the most involved and motivated members of the CommUnity


Interactive workshops and exchange of ideas


Soft skills training specially tailored to the needs of the representatives


The training sessions will be provided by very experienced trainers, specialising in cooperation with young volunteers.


Tobias Weghorn

Tobias spends most of his day on the international business development of the ‘digital utility’ Next Kraftwerke, a young company operating a virtual power plant, which enables distributed energy resources to access electricity markets which until recently were only open to large conventional power stations. Next to renewable energy, he is passionate about scaling education and empowerment as part of entrepreneurial projects or NGOs like BEST and Recycle Up! Ghana. When it comes to training, the NLP practitioner is most enthusiastic about topics like productivity, personal values and innovation as well as communication with all its facets.



Kseniya  Zavatskaya

Kseniya is a MSc student in the field of Applied Optics in ITMO University, Saint Petersburg. She is passionate about optical design and at the moment her research is connected to medical applications of optical systems. Kseniya has become a soft skills trainer in Board of European Students of Technology and since then she is dedicated to delivering and development of training in youth European NGOs for more than 3 years. She has delivered to members of BEST, AEGEE, EFPSA, IFMSA and many more. Her particular passion is connected to topics of facilitation in training and decision-making. Apart from delivering for NGOs, Kseniya has dedicated her gap year to working in Social Youth Center in Saint Petersburg. There she has created and delivered 2 training courses - on Leadership and Public Speaking. The work there included not only delivering sessions but all the other aspects of youth work. She has worked with diverse audience from 14 to 30 yo that comes from different backgrounds and environments.



Maximilian Friedle

Max is an enthusiast in the fields of learning, research and development and engineering. Accordingly, the German project engineer works in the pharmaceutical industry while finishing his Master's Degree in Adult Education and PhD in Multiphase Flow Reactor Technology. 


He strives to develop people by providing the necessary framework for meaningful experience and reflection. He is a certified coach with the World Coaching Organization and practitioner in Non-violent Communication.




Artur Corte

Artur grew up in Madeira island, home of the great CR7, enjoying very chilled out summers packed with sunshine, and eventually moved on to study engineering at the Technical University of Lisbon. He became involved with student NGOs through BEST - Board of European Students of Technology, back in 2011, and life was never the same again. He became a trainer, together with Flavius, in 2014. Artur coordinated a 10-day leadership training event in Belgium in late 2014, helped develop the national training system in Portugal, and delivered at a Train the Trainer event in Iasi, Romania, in 2016 with the rest of the guys in this trainers team. Currently, Artur works in London at a fintech startup and occupies his time with entrepreneurial brainstorming games, delving ever deeper into XXI century history, and passionately arguing why Elon Musk is the plant’s Lord and Saviour.


Flavius Ivan

Flavius is a electromechanical engineer living in Brussels, who works as a technical consultant during the day, and studies for a master’s in management by night. He became an NGO trainer with BEST, and during his years in the organisation delivered on soft skills related topics throughout Europe. His favourite training events are those that last long enough to allow group dynamics to emerge, and particularly train the trainer events. Nowadays he delivers more for his company, where he strives to help consultants handle their priorities and make better use of their time.
His favorite training topics are those where he can sneak in some deeper lessons from life. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and encourages his participants to always stay open, look for new information, and when they can dive head first in introspection to find their own answers. In his free time, he likes to imagine what he could do if he had any free time.

Having worked at the Belgian TSO Elia, Siemens and General Electric, he has energy sector experience as well, which will no doubt lead to some interesting conversations in the CommUnity.


Want to know what it means to attend the Representatives Summit? Check out the video from our event last year!





19:30Welcome from CEO at InnoEnergy Central Europe Jakub Miler
20:00Opening and welcome from the CommUnity Office
21:00 Teambuilding and Get to Know



Training Sessions

Topics may include: Leadership, Conducting effective meetings, Facilitation, Fundraising and creating the value proposition, Communication, Motivating others, Delegation and teamwork. The exact content of the training will be decided based on the participants' needs.

11:00 Coffee Break
11:30Training Sessions (continuation)
15:00Knowledge Fair
17:30Coffee Break
21:00Speakers Corner



Training Sessions

Topics may include: Leadership, Conducting effective meetings, Facilitation, Fundraising and creating the value proposition, Communication, Motivating others, Delegation and teamwork. The exact content of the training will be decided basing on the participants needs.

11:00Coffee Break

Training Sessions (continuation)

15:00Check-out & Goodbye





The event will take place in hotel Radocza Park, 40 km from Krakow city centre.


Want to join us?

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The applications open on 13th August 2018 and close on 16th September 2018. Your full application must be submitted until Sunday, 16 September 2018, 23:00 CEST. Do not leave everything to the last minute, it might jeopardise the quality of your application. The results of the selection process will be published on 24 September. 


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