Open Space Studio - Catalyst Training

Created by Tiago Mendes Partner on 01-Jul-2018

Thursday, 20 September 2018 at Lisbon

Starts at 19:30 · Ends on 22-Sep-2018 at 18:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Tiago Mendes

Dear InnoEnergy students,


You probably have heard about the Open Space Studio in one way or another. Perhaps you might have heard of one of our projects “Open Space Studio Journey for ENTECH” or maybe you have heard about the co-creation events at TU/e with different students teams. Perhaps you all remember what we achieved together at the Master School KICK Off event where you got an impression of a co-creation or you have experienced the Open Space Studio way (organised and lead by alumni) during the co-creation workshops in CommUnity events such as the AlumniUnite.


We now open up the possibility for all InnoEnergy students to be part of Open Space Studio co-creation workshops and contribute to solutions in the sustainable energy sector. It is a possibility to learn and practice what it means to be a catalyst, supporting groups to achieve meaningful innovation.


What is an Open Space Studio Co-Creation event?

An Open Space Studio co-creation is a designed process in which a group of people crystallizes around a collective intention and truly progresses a challenge that has been identified as essential by the ‘client’ with the help of the Open Space Studio team.

We enable our clients to do so by facilitating an in-depth process in which diverse stakeholders, including business experts and the vibrant minds of top students from around the world come together in tailored-made events, orchestrated to understand a challenge, explore options and then together design solutions.


What is an Open Space Studio Catalyst?

A catalyst is a person who has decided to go on a journey of continuous learning to support the emergence of solutions that would not have been possible otherwise. A catalyst is in the process of developing key skills and competencies of self-leadership, nurtures true connections amongst people, asks key questions and is able to take a systemic view in considering the challenge at hand.

A catalyst supports groups through innovation methodologies to find solutions that take into account the interconnectedness of all elements.

Becoming an expert catalyst is a long journey of practice.


What is your benefit in such Co-Creation events?

Your professional benefit is to get a prior understanding and knowledge about the methodology/design of a co-creative process. You learn about group dialogues in a constructive way and it is a great opportunity to have your fingerprint on the progress of ‘real’ industry challenges.

On a personal level, you will get a deeper understanding to practise empathy. You will be able to understand and communicate with different people in different environments/cultures and be able to engage and build valuable relationships.


What do we expect from you?

Just be yourself with an open mind and an open heart. With your enthusiasm, your multicultural experience and your curiosity there is a lot to learn and gain.


How does it work?

You have the opportunity to be part of our student catalyst pool. Let us know why you would like to contribute. The training will be about the fundamentals of self-leadership, types of conversations, intercultural aspects and co-creation methods.


What is then the next step?

Once you successfully complete the training, you can be invited to participate in our future industry events, including our projects within InnoEnergy (e.g. collaborations with our Master School, CommUnity co-creative events organised and lead by our alumni). Generally, we have 5-10 catalysts per event.


What are the costs?

We will ask you for a small contribution of 150€ for the 2-day training (all the other training costs, including venue and accommodation, are covered by the Open Space Studio). This is a special offer only this year, from next year on it will be on full cost. All our industry projects are invitation based and hence free of costs for our catalysts.


How to apply?

Click here and just answer a few simple questions.

To learn more about Open Space Studio click here.

Applications open until 31st of July.




Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Start: 18:30

         Start: 9:00

Start: 9:00

Welcome & Orientation


Dialogue Guidelines


Dinner: 19:00 – 20:00


Power Networking


        Introduction to Emotional Intelligence


        Communication in Growth and Survival


         Communication profiles I


         Role-plays I


         Lunch : 12:30 – 13:30


         Communication profiles II


         Role plays II


Cultural Traits & Values


Dinner: 19:00 – 20:00

Introduction to Creativity




Active Listening


Peer Coaching


Resource Analysis


Lunch : 12:30 – 13:30


Creating the Context


Living the Catalyst experience



End: ~17:00



“Participating in an Open Space Studio workshop together with a major industrial player was a great experience as an InnoEnergy Alumnus. I found great pleasure in the way the seminar was facilitated and in the results that were attained in such a short time frame.”

- Robin Merl

(InnoEnergy Alumnus)



Claudia Depenthal

Open Space Studio, Product Manager

Tiago Mendes

Open Space Studio, Junior Project Manager