Offshore Wind Energy: the new conventional green electricity?

Created by Leon Haupt Partner on 28-Jun-2018

Thursday, 12 July 2018 at Room LS.5, ETSEIB, Avinguda Diagonal, 647, 08025 Barcelona

Starts at 15:00 · Ends at 17:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Robert Pleticha
  • Leon Haupt
  • Ana Margarida Mota
  • Claudia Di Tullio
  • Miles Weinstein
  • Jarmo Ling
  • Goncalo Botelho


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Room Update

LS.5 at ETSEIB, UPC. Adress remains the same!

Signs will guide the way to the room.


Event Description

Offshore wind energy has attracted a lot of attention these days, after the spectacular cost reduction that we have seen in the last few year. Offshore wind electricity is projected to be almost as cheap as onshore wind energy. In some cases, it could be even subsidy free in a few years. How did we actually get there, is it the fruit of government policy by heavily subsidizing it in the past, is it because of the technical innovation that has driven down the cost dramatically by creating larger wind turbines, faster installation procedure and cheaper foundations. The next frontier of offshore wind will be floating wind energy as 99% of the offshore wind energy is bottom fixed at the moment. However, bottom fixed mean shallow water, which is only the case in limited part of the world. Can floating wind energy actually emulate the success of bottom fixed offshore wind energy? In this talk we will explore what is the global perspective of offshore wind in the next 10 years, technological challenges for both bottom fixed and floating.



  • 15:00 - 15:10:  Welcome & Introduction
  • 15:15 - 16:00:  Prof. Po-Wen Cheng on technology challenges, turbine technology development, wind farm control and then add a future perspective for floating wind energy
  • 16:00 - 16:45:  Prof. Oriol Gomis Bellmunt on electrical infrastructure for wind farms, grid connection and future challenges of offshore wind.
  • 16:45 - 17:00:  Q&A session with the audience and wrap-up



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Invited Speakers

Prof. Po-Wen Cheng is chairholder in Wind Energy at the University of Stuttgart since 2011 with focus on the design methodology for wind turbines, wind energy application in general and wind park planning. Currently he is leading a research group with focus on Lidar related technology for remote sensing and wind control purposes. Aside from his 9 years of working experience with a leading wind turbine manufacturer involved in design of support structure for offshore wind turbines, he is editor of the leading journal Wind Energy and speaker of the research Cluster WindForS, a leading wind energy research alliance from Southern Germany. (Contact: mail)


Prof. Oriol Gomis Bellmunt, professor at UPC ETSEIB and co-founder of teknoCEA, is applied researcher with focus on design and control of power converters for industrial and energy applications, with empasis on renewable energy systems. His work comprises as well the development of operation and control schemes for onshore and offshore wind power plants, including wind turbine generator and power converter, wind power plant grid, transmission systems including VSC-HVDC and connection to the main grid. (Contact: mail)



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Room LS.5, ETSEIB, Avinguda Diagonal, 647, 08025 Barcelona

Avinguda Diagonal, 647 Barcelona Spain