Internship@Barcelona Webinar

Created by Chris Parker Partner on 22-May-2018

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 at CommUnity Barcelona

Starts at 10:00 · Ends at 11:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Chris Parker
  • Iryna Samarukha
  • Hamid Iftikhar
  • Faizan ur Rasool

The #community-barcelona is hosting a webinar for the incoming InnoEnergy students featuring two locally based companies, FlexiDAO and DEXMA Energy Management.


The purpose of the webinar is to facilitate a connection between students and local companies. Representatives from the companies will provide an overview of their activities and pitch internship opportunities available for the upcoming semester. The webinar support the activities of the career centre where internships will be posted.


"FlexiDAO is a blockchain-based software that transforms Distributed Demand Response to make it profitable, transparent, reliable at scale.  We control data and electricity flows from small-scale devices such as Batteries or EVs to help TSOs balance the grid and we offer cash rewards and energy bill savings to consumers who own devices with flexible capacity. Our software enables to automate back-end processes for cost cutting, record and audit flexibility delivery for each controlled device and streamline coordination among energy players".


"DEXMA Energy Management

 We are a leading provider of cloud-based energy management software for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Our hardware neutral solution – DEXCell Energy Manager combines Big Data analytics with energy efficiency to help thousands of facility managers and energy auditors around the world detect, analyse and control energy consumption and cost.

As a company we are growing fast, and we are continually developing new functionalities in the areas of energy consumption forecasting, demand response, non-intrusive load monitoring, gamification, and many more. We are a diverse team of developers, engineers, data-scientists, marketers & business creation specialists, and we are searching for new talent to join our team".

Connect to Webinar: here


Time & Date:
Wednesday 30th May 2018
from 10:00 - 11:00



Introduction by Natalia Escobosa Pineda
FlexiDAO presentation by Simone Accornero

Q & A with FlexiDAO

DEXMA presentation

Q & A with DEXMA


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