Conversations on Blockchain

Created by Sahilaushafnur Rosyadi Partner on 03-May-2018

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 at Imprfecto Bar

Starts at 20:00 · Ends at 22:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

The CommUnity by InnoEnergy Barcelona is hosting an evening of presentations and discussion on blockchain in the energy sector. Blockchain has been the buzzword of recent times, and the technology is being rapidly adopted in the financial services sector, however what impact is it having in the energy sector? The technology has huge potential as a billing platform, in peer-to-peer trading, EV charging, integration of renewables, demand response, and many other applications. 


We are bringing together two experts, Grzegorz Bytniewski co-founder and CTO of FlexiDAO, a startup focused on the aggregation and control of distributed energy resources using blockchain technology, as well as Damien Ducourty, entrepreneur and co-founder of B9lab, a firm involved in education, advisory and research in the field of blockchain.


Join in the Conversations on Blockchain and learn more about the technology, the opportunities it has in the energy sector, and the challenges that it faces while enjoying high-quality Belgian beer at the Imprfcto Bar.


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20:00 - 20:15  Introduction to speakers

20:15 - 21:15  Presentation of speakers

                                 Damien Ducourty: A background to the blockchain technology and its impact on various fields

                                Grzegorz Bytniewski: The challenges of blockchain and their experiences as tech-start up in the                                                                            energy sector

21:15 - 22:00  Q & A 



Tuesday, 15 May 2018



Imprfcto Bar

Av. del Parallel, 104,  


Imprfecto Bar

Av. del Parallel, 104 Barcelona Spain