#WeDontHaveTime Climate Conference

Created by Jacob Dalton Partner on 18-Apr-2018

Sunday, 22 April 2018 at Worldwide

Starts at 15:00 · Ends at 16:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Silvia Francioso
  • Jacob Dalton
  • Hamza Abid


The #WeDontHaveTime Climate Conference


Welcome to the world’s first public no-fly global climate conference. We are honored to offer you a list of world famous acknowledged keynote speakers and esteemed panels. You will be offered free access to our four hour webcast program, filled with climate leaders, keynotes, talks, discussions and case studies from around the world.




Reality - Ring the Alarm Bell Loud and Clear 3.00 PM (15:00) CEST
Here facts, statistics, climate effects and risks are presented and discussed. We strive to highlight the severity of the issue. We establish the connection between greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, between rising temperatures and abnormal weather phenomena, we also highlight the risks of reaching “tipping points” and discuss the potentially disastrous effects of failing to halt global warming.


Solutions - for the climate crisis 4.45 PM (16:45) CEST
How do we reduce emissions? How do we change consumption, transportation and production to meet our goals? What policies and international agreements would be most effective? How do we speed up the transition to green technology? How can corporations create best practices and compete through sustainability?


Action - for a Global Climate Movement 6.00 PM (18:00) CEST
It is clear to us that the warnings from the scientific community need to be backed by a much broader movement – and We Don’t Have Time want to play a fundamental role in creating this movement. The conversation will be about how to raise awareness about climate change and how do we reach out to politicians, business leaders, religious leaders with demands for change.