How to create a successful CommUnity Event?

Created by Falko Döring Partner on 16-Apr-2018

Wednesday, 25 April 2018 at Online, find the link in the event description

Starts at 20:00 · Ends at 20:30, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

The CommUnity Office wants to share with you in an inspiring, short and crispy way on how to organize a successful CommUnity Event. 


Everybody can organize a CommUnity event, can't she/he?

From our point of view, yes! Everybody can organize a Community event. A CommUnity event combines a unique mixture of energy enthusiasts and future energy leaders with high quality content. In order to keep our unique value, guidelines have been collectively established and this session explains the most important ones and how to access them. 


Why should I attend this webinar?

Do you want to create awareness on sustainable energy solutions?

Do you want to have a local impact? And grow your network?

This webinar explains you, how to scale up your event and receive the support of the CommUnity. It shows a remarkable track record of 2018 and opens up for a Q&A session afterwords. 


In only 15 minutes, we will dive into the world of

1) the CommUnity Guidelines,

2) share current KPIs (Spoiler: They are rockin!) and

3) have time for Q&A.


Follow this link to access: 

Organising a CommUnity event - YouTube 


Questions can be asked in the comments of the YouTube stream. So, please login to post comments. 


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Online, find the link in the event description