Challenges for energy transition

Created by Denitsa Kuzeva Partner on 09-Mar-2018

Wednesday, 14 March 2018 at Main Aula, ETSEIB, Avinguda Diagonal, 647, 08028 Barcelona

Starts at 09:00 · Ends at 11:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Leon Haupt
  • Denitsa Kuzeva

Intelligent transition towards energy sustainable model for Spain in 2050: energy efficiency and electrification. 

Mr. Alberto Amores, partner in charge of the Energy and Natural Resources area of Monitor Deloitte. Industrial Engineer, specialization in Robotics and Electronics, with more than 26 years of experience. Expert in strategic consulting, energy regulation in the electric, gas and oil sectors, advising companies and regulators, as well as in energy trading and risk management (market, financial, credit and operational), valuation of companies and energy assets and operations corporate.

New environmentalism, Climate realism.

Ms. Kirsty Gogan, English activist, adviser to the Government of Great Britain and co-founder of the NGO Energy for Humanity (Energy for Humanity). Kirsty Gogan is co-founder and executive director of Energy for Humanity (EFH), an NGO whose fundamental axis is to facilitate universal access to clean and cheap energy. EFH was founded around two of the great environmental and humanitarian challenges we face in this century: reducing carbon emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change before the middle of the century, while allowing billions of people achieve current standards of living. EFH led a delegation of the most respected climate scientists in the world at COP21 in Paris to make nuclear energy recognized as a vital part of the clean energy mix. EFH was shortlisted as the "Green NGO of the Year" by the 2016 Business Green Leaders Awards. Kirsty has more than 15 years of experience as a Senior Government Advisor, including at 10 Downing St., the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Discussion among the speakers moderated by Mr. Joaquim Elcacho, a journalist from La Vanguard.

Main Aula, ETSEIB, Avinguda Diagonal, 647, 08028 Barcelona