Smart City Hackathon 2018 in Amsterdam

Created by Yuna Funamoto on 09-Mar-2018

Friday, 23 March 2018 at Rockstart, Amsterdam

Starts at 19:00 · Ends on 24-Mar-2018 at 22:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Yuna Funamoto

The Smart City hackathon 2018 in Amsterdam will bring entrepreneurs and select university students to discuss the intersection of digital technology and urbanization!

The aim of the hackathon is to bring together a diverse range of perspectives, from academics to entrepreneurship, and ignite the flow of ideas between different members of society.

Please note: This hackathon is to focus on building a business model. Participants will be given 8 hours to develop a business model for a product that solves a topic in one of four tracks: energy efficiency, waste management, air quality, and transportation. Two specific challenges for each track will be released closer to the hackathon dates.


Save the date 23rd and 24th March and join us this year to find solutions only with a business model, to common problems cities faces and to ignite the flow of ideas between different members of society!

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Rockstart, Amsterdam

Rigakade 10 1013 BC Amsterdam The Netherlands Netherlands