Fusion Electricity: a pathway to sustainable energy

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Thursday, 22 February 2018 at Room 209 "Lounge"

Starts at 16:00 · Ends at 18:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

How much do you know about FUSION TECHNOLOGY? 

How disruptive can this be? How far is the research from actual implementation? 

Did you know that startups are working in this field?



Do not miss the opportunity to know more on the topic and join the event 'Fusion electricity: a pathway to sustainable energy' organised by the local CommUnity of Stockholm. Participation is FREE.


When: 22 Feb 2018 at 16.00h
Where: Lounge room 209, Teknikringen 10B, KTH Campus, Stockholm



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Fusion is the process that powers the sun and the stars and underpins all the energy sources available to human beings today. Since the 1950s, scientists have been attempting to achieve controlled nuclear fusion to provide the Earth with a virtually limitless supply of clean energy, but the challenges are imposing. With the construction of the international ITER tokamak reactor in France, the world has committed to the practical realization of fusion energy.


Professor Jan Scheffel will talk about fusion energy, challenges involved and how far we are from realization of fusion electricity.
After his presentation, before the traditional fika, it will be offered to the participants the unique possibility to visit the lab where fusion technology is applied to a real case. Professor Per Brunsell will introduce the experimental fusion facility EXTRAP T2R located at KTH. 


The event is aiming to motivate young engineers to understand the potential of fusion technology and a call to young researchers to work in this field to unleash the potential of fusion technology.


. . .


               16:00 – Registration

               16:15 – Fusion Electricity by Jan Scheffel

               17:15 – Q&A

               17:30 – Visit of EXTRAP T2R – Group 1

               (17:45 – Visit of EXTRAP T2R – Group 2)

               18:00 – Fika




One of the smaller specialized fusion experiment in Europe, it is a magnetic confinement fusion device located at the Alfvén Laboratory of KTH, Stockholm. The experiment has special capabilities, un-paralleled in any tokamak fusion device, for studies of active Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) instability control: a research field with high priority in the European fusion programme. The research done at Alfvèn Lab contributes to the European ITER project and it also involves scientific programmes at JET dedicated to support ITER.


About the Speakers


Risultati immagini per jan scheffel

Jan Scheffel is a plasma physicist and works as a fusion researcher and professor at the Department of Fusion Plasma Physics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. His special areas are computational physics and innovative fusion concepts. With a strong interest in theoretical philosophy he has published a popular science book in the field of knowledge theory: Tankens Villkor (Limits of Thought). He is the Programme Director of the Electrical engineering PhD programme and engages in teaching courses such as Engineering Science, Fusion Physics and Vector Analysis. He is also a member of the KTH Educational Committee.



Risultati immagini per per brunsell

Per Brunsell is the Head of the Department of Fusion Plasma Physics at KTH and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Department. Per is the leader of EXTRAP T2R plasm a experiment facility at the Alfvén Laboratory. His research interests include experimental studies of magnetohydrodynamic instabilities and development of methods for active feedback control of instabilities.






Room 209 "Lounge"

Teknikringen 10B Stockholm Sweden