TBB. 2018

Created by CommUnity by InnoEnergy Partner on 12-Feb-2018

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 at Copenhagen, Denmark

Starts at 08:00 · Ends on 18-Oct-2018 at 18:30, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Claudio Geyken
  • CommUnity by InnoEnergy
  • Antoine Baudoin
  • Kashif Jameel
  • Owais Shabbir
  • Grace van den Boogaart
  • Nicole Oberhofer
  • Fabio Giunta
  • Montserrat Garcia-Hernandez


TBB. is a two-day international networking event that connects leading industries and bright minds from business start-ups, leading energy companies and SME’s to enable tomorrow’s sustainable energy solutions today.


  • You will discover the latest market trends, innovative technologies and business models that are changing the way that we deal with energy.
  • You will be exposed to over 100 groundbreaking innovations to enhance your company’s technology roadmaps and access to new markets.
  • Optimise your company’s R&D investment and minimize risk, by collaborating with our exhibitors, early-stage companies and projects that have been through InnoEnergy’s demanding process, reinforcing their potential and chances of commercial success.
  • TBB. provides a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders, share knowledge, gather inspiration from renowned speakers and become part of an exclusive community of game-changers.


Make your mark and contribute to creating the future of sustainable energy and accelerate your chances of success. The future of sustainable energy is already happening. TBB. provides you with the opportunity to be part of it!


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Copenhagen, Denmark