Business Case Challenge with Smartivate

Created by Tiago Mendes Partner on 31-Jan-2018

Saturday, 10 February 2018 at InnoEnergy Germany, Karlsruhe Office

Starts at 09:00 · Ends at 16:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Tiago Mendes
  • Anand Narasipuram
  • Jeevan Dasan
  • Yousif Mohamed
  • Alain Mercado
  • Tamoor Ali
  • Asif Zubair

Business Case Challenge with Smartivate by CommUnity, Karlsruhe

Co-creation workshop supported by the Open Space Studio



On February 10, 2018, the CommUnity, Karlsruhe, is organizing and supporting a Business Case Challenge with Smartivate (smartivate.de). Co-founders of Smartivate and MSc ENTECH alumni Anand Narasipuram and Jeevan Dasan, bring the main challenge of their startup to the participants of this event in search for creative new solutions. Inspired by their experience of going through the Open Space Studio Journey for ENTECH and with the support from the Open Space Studio team, a time-slot of 7 hours is reserved to give a co-creative answer to the proposed challenge. The workshop is led by ENTECH alumni as an opportunity to further develop their experience on co-creation practices acquired during their Open Space Studio Journey.


Who is Smartivate?

“We are an emerging start-up, working on a web platform (marketplace) to offer One Stop Shop Solutions for Smart Homes. We support in making your homes smart, secure & efficient by providing you with tailor-made solutions to make your lives cozy and comfortable! On one single platform, we as a single vendor provide end-to-end solutions according to your preferences & needs and through our value chain, we resolve all possible risks and complications in the field of Smart plug & play devices, thus making buying, installation & service processes easy for you!”


What is Smarivate’s Proposal?

“We are in the process of developing a Minumum Viable Product to reach out to our first customers. Our service is simple and trendy. We are seeking smart ideas that could make a difference by way of attracting web-traffic/users onto our e-platform.  That’s why, we at Smartivate are trying to explore newer thoughts & creative inputs through a co-creation workshop with amazing people like you.”


The Co-creation Challenge:

In order to achieve truly creative solutions, co-created by the collective of participants in this workshop, Smartivate’s challenge was put into the context of the Burning Question:



How can we create a valuable user experience on Smartivate’s platform to facilitate and retain customer engagement?



Why this Challenge?

Appealing content, features and an engaged community of users could provide new ways to reach out to early adapters. Smartivate’s mission is to give users an easy way of understanding and receiving the value they need while continuously profiting from being part of the growing platform community. As competition in online retail increases significantly, in addition to traditional marketing strategies, we believe that creating an engaging user experience is the key as it enhances brand engagement and creates a lasting memory.


Who will be Present?

Resourceful people with great & creative minds from different fields are required to identify meaningful solutions to these questions:

  • Entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts
  • Creative thinkers
  • InnoEnergy students and alumni




Welcome & Orientation

Inputs from Smaritvate

Group work


Group work




Group work


Group work

Presentation of results


Closing & Farewell



We look forward to having you with us on 10.02.2018 in Karlsruhe.

The event is free but limited to 25 people so please register here!



For any questions, please contact:


Tiago Mendes

Open Space Studio Junior Project Manager


InnoEnergy Germany, Karlsruhe Office

Alber-Nestler Str.21 Karlsruhe Germany