E.U - European Youth Event 2018

Created by Azeem Janjua Partner on 05-Jan-2018

Friday, 1 June 2018 at European Parliament Strasbourg

Starts at 08:00 · Ends on 02-Jun-2018 at 21:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Falko Döring
  • Tiago Mendes
  • Aleksandra Radwanska
  • Azeem Janjua
  • Marco Costa


The European Youth Event will take place on 1-2 June 2018 and registrations are open until Jan 15th. 

During the event, they will:

- Come up with ideas for the future of Europe
- Discuss with European decision makers
- Join more than 8,000 young people from all over Europe


Follow-up to the event

- July 2018: a report featuring the most concrete ideas discussed during the event will be distributed to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)

- Autumn 2018: some participants will present the most developed ideas from the report to a number of parliamentary committees and get feedback from MEPs

Check out the website for more details:



A group for InnoEnergy has been registered for the event. If you would like to attend the event then use the following link to fill in your personal details:


Once you have filled in your details using the registration link, you will be added to this group. 


The CommUnity will be present with a workshop on the event! 

We count with the support and leading from trained catalysts of the İnnoEnergy service Open Space Studio.
During the registration search for InnoEnergy in the activity selection and join us.




Become a catalyst in our workshop and write Falko Döring. Or:


In case you didn't make it on time for the registration, no worries, we have 8 extra places we can distribute among our CommUnity. Write Falko Döring to secure you one of the spots and become a catalyst in our workshop!


As a catalyst you receive an online briefing on the purpose and desired impact of the workshop, as well as a live preparation session on the art of leading group activities and become familiar with the Open Space Studio methodology. More information follow on the online briefing. 

European Parliament Strasbourg

European Parliament Strasbourg Strasbourg France