Conference “Clean Energy Future- the legacy of Estonian Presidency”

Created by Madis Leinakse Partner on 03-Dec-2017

Thursday, 21 December 2017 at Tallinn, Estonia

Starts at 08:30 · Ends at 14:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Madis Leinakse

The conference will kick off with a presentation by our (Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU) Brussels team. They will share their first-hand impressions about the whole process of finding a compromise among member states in difficult negotiations on Clean Energy Package.

This is followed by an engaging panel discussion on how well the Estonian Presidency performed and what the long term implications of these decisions are. The discussion between Kaja Kallas (European Parliament), Ando Leppiman and Thor-Sten Vertmann (Estonian Presidency) is led by Lauri Tammiste (Stockholm Environment Institute). 

We will hear from Jesse Scott about the outcomes of IEA’s two brand new reports. The presentation of IEA’s flagship World Energy Outlook 2017 will provide us with valuable insights about global trends in energy. She will also present the main conclusions from the first-ever comprehensive effort to depict how digital technologies could transform the world's energy systems – the Digitalization & Energy report. 

In a similar vein, a panel of experts, featuring Sandor Liive (GridIO), Megan Richards (European Commission), Georg Rute (Elering) and Timo Tatar (Estonian Presidency) will discuss the relevance and follow-up of the Tallinn e-Energy declaration, signed by 29 EU/EEA member states, European Commission and 25 EU business associations. 


Registration and detailed agenda can be found on this page: Clean Energy Future – the legacy of the Estonian Presidency | EU2017.EE 

Tallinn, Estonia