EnergyTech Blockchain Jam in Berlin/EUREF Campus (in cooperation from InnoEnergy, :agile and BNE)

Created by Dirk Bessau Partner on 08-Sep-2017

Friday, 6 October 2017 at Berlin, EUREF Campus

Starts at 12:00 · Ends on 07-Oct-2017 at 17:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Dirk Bessau


We think blockchain is a technological advance that will have wide-reaching implications on the energy industry. However, it is still one of the single most confusing terms. Everyone has a vague idea what it does or what might be possible. Some might dismiss it as a fad, a buzzword, or even technical jargon. But wait, what is it again? And why is it relevant to energy? What interest do energy utilities have in blockchain and furthermore what does regulation think of it?


Think what blockchain enables:

- Peer-to-peer (decentralized)/ overall energy trading where producers of renewable energy sell directly to consumers

- Stabilization of energy grids by smart contracts

- EV charging with smart contracts that authenticate and manage the billing process

- Reading and billing of energy meters/ support of smart meter roll out

- certificates of origin


Ready to jam with us?

We believe technology should be built by people with different backgrounds and perspectives. That´s why everyone is welcome and why we like to bring software developers, hackers, techies, product developers, designers, artists, business/finance/marketing guys, students or anyone out of this world together. Put your knowledge and creativity to the test all while experiencing the excitement of building a business, coding the never-seen before and make new friends in a diverse, comfortable and creative environment! You are new to Blockchain? Don´t panic, there will be an online webinar before the Jam and experts that help you to build your projects during the weekend. So, come on, let’s work on the future together.

Sign in now for our 36 hours Blockchain Jam! And share or forward to your friends!

(NOTE: Lunch, dinner, drinks and all materials are included, so please be committed to your attendance. Please choose JUST ONE ticket from a category that suits your skills/ background. Book your accomodation soon since Berlin is crazy sometimes!)

We look forward to having you!

:agile accelerator, KIC InnoEnergy and Bundesverband Neue Energiewirtschaft e.V.



Rough Agenda


One Week before the event

Online course/ webinar on Blockchain in the energy industry


Friday, 6th October

12:00 Registration and Coffee

12:30 Welcome by Hosts (:agile, kic inno energy and bne.e.v.)

13:00 Introduction to Blockchain (speaker t.b.c.)

14:00 Idea presentation and team finding

14:30 Flying Lunch and Workphase I (concept, research, discussion)

17:00 Workphase II (idea validation with customers, prototyping, coding, research, iteration.)

18:30 Dinner and Workphase II continued

22:00 End the day


Saturday, 7th October

08:30 Breakfast and morning inspiration

09:30 Workphase II continued

12:30 Flying Lunch

13:00 Workphase III (Finalizing the projects and pitch presentation)

14:30 Project presentation (5 min pitch + 2 questions from the jury) + award ceremony with jury

16:00 Good byes and drinks


Register here.

Berlin, EUREF Campus