CommUnity Representatives Summit

Created by Falko Döring Partner on 28-Aug-2017

Friday, 22 September 2017 at Stockholm

Starts at 15:00 · Ends on 24-Sep-2017 at 16:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

Twice a year, the most active CommUnity representatives are invited for a weekend summit to reconnect, ideate, exchange goals and plans for future activities, share the latest news and best practices and strengthen connections to build a long lasting, strong CommUnity. 


This summit is all about the representatives and the CommUnity vision for 2021. Key questions to address include:
Where are we now? Where will the CommUnity be in four years? What is our strategy to get there?


In addition, workshops will focus on topics team management, trust building and event organization. The CommUnity Office will take this opportunity to provide updates and analytics on achievements to date.


As a special guest, Diego Pavia, CEO of InnoEnergy, will join us for the Friday session. He will share his vision of InnoEnergy, answer questions, and help to shape future CommUnity activities.


We are looking forward to a successful representatives summit, which strengthens the bonds among us and prepares us for the upcoming months of activities throughout CommUnity locations in Europe.


The InnoEnergy Stockholm management team will be present too.