Welcome BBQ - Meet 'n Greet 'n Connect

Created by Lukas Keller Partner on 22-Aug-2017

Saturday, 26 August 2017 at Ugglevikskällan, Uggleviksvägen, Stockholm

Starts at 15:00 · Ends at 18:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

Welcome to Stockholm!

Despite what they told you about the weather up here, Stockholm is a great place to spend time outdoors, to meet, talk, BBQ and have fun playing outdoor games.


This is open to all CommUnity members, however specially designed as a social event for our new InnoEnergy students and interested InnoEnergy staff. Together, we will enjoy a nice and sunny afternoon in the green-most area of Stockholm, Ugglevikskäkkan, right behind KTH, with your more than 175 peers from 6 Master Programs in Sweden. 


This event has no agenda, no sitting down on chairs in climatized rooms, seeing presentation after presentation with no ending in sight. This event is for you, purely to enjoy a nice summer day in this new country, to meet your InnoEnergy and CommUnity peers and to have fun together.


What to do now

RSVP now by clicking 'attend' up on this page (required) AND answer the poll whether you want to BBQ or not, so we can buy enough stuff for you.

What you can expect

Do with this opportunity whatever you like. Meet your fellow InnoEnergy CommUnity members, students from other programs or members from outside the Education line like Alumni or staff, exchange about who you are and what you like, make friends and have a good time. It's up to you.


What we will organize

We will provide a ground-stock of one-way barbeques, biodegradable plates and cutlery, waste bags and we will organize some outdoor sports for you (football, volleyball, badminton or the famous Swedish kubb), but feel free to bring your own ideas or games for the day into the fold.


What you should bring

  • A good mood and informal clothes, maybe a light jacket for the evening.
  • Any food and drinks you would like to consume during the afternoon/evening, which may include sauces, meat, vegetarian pieces, salads, etc. 
  • Outdoor games. Please comment below if and what you will bring
    (football, frisbee, volleyball, be creative! Whatever is fun is allowed)
  • A blanket to sit on if you like, the ground might be damp.
  • A camera. We want LOTS of photos

More information

  • You can buy your BBQ material closeby. There is a small supermarket in the metro station Tekniska Högskolan, south exit, west gangway, which has some basic things. There is an ICA a bit north of KTH entrance with a larger sortiment of grillware.
  • The event is open-end. You can come and leave anytime, no on-site registration, just have fun. However, register here if you want to attend, that's required for us to keep track of the crowd and because of the Swedish law.
  • Alcohol in Sweden is a delicate topic. We do not endorse public drinking or encourage you to consume alcohol during our events in any form. Here is the closest Systembolaget to KTH. Mind that they are closed on Sunday and that you have to bring a valid ID to purchase.
  • Public alcohol consumption is mostly illegal in Stockholm, but in a few parks outside the city center, it is allowed. Coincidentally, in the green area where we meet, it is allowed.
  • Don't bring your own coal and make a fire. We should stick to the small BBQ's that we bring to not leave too many marks in nature and to protect against wildfires.


What to do now

RSVP now by clicking 'attend' up on this page AND answer the poll whether you want to BBQ or not, so we can buy enough stuff.

Ugglevikskällan, Uggleviksvägen, Stockholm

Stockholm Sweden