PowerUp! 2017

Created by Natalia Stec Partner on 20-Jul-2017

Monday, 20 November 2017 at Budapest

Starts at 14:15 · Ends on 22-Nov-2017 at 01:14, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Robert Pleticha
  • Dawid Niedojadło
  • Natalia Stec


Europe’s biggest energy start-up competition for funding and growth 


Key dates


11 September - deadline for startups to submit their applications
October - regional finals in 23 European countries (no specific dates)
20-22 November - Final in Budapest


Seed investment can reach 150 000 euros for each selected project


Reducing costs of heating buildings due to the use of solar energy, heat pump and a patented heat exchanger, or a project allowing to reduce the consumption of energy by cooling devices. Sounds innovative? These are only a few winning projects of last year’s edition of PowerUp! by InnoEnergy*. The call for proposals starting now is the third edition of the largest competition designed for start-ups operating in the sector of sustainable energy in 23 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, in the Baltics and parts of the Mediterranean. People interested in taking part can submit their ideas starting on 19 June 2017 at


The Competition has created a huge opportunity for innovators from Central and Eastern Europe for executing and developing their projects, and for becoming present on the global market.

“The PowerUp! Competition is a platform for presenting ideas that could be left unnoticed otherwise. It is a big contribution in developing innovation in the sector of sustainable energy in Central and Eastern Europe. Winning technologies and other ideas that will be possible to be implemented will help Europe in protecting the environment and also, after commercialisation, can have a global impact with the help of InnoEnergy”, says Jakub Miler, CEO InnoEnergy Poland Plus, organiser of the Competition.  


PowerUp! creates multiple opportunities and opens many doors. This fact can be confirmed by last year’s winners: PolarSol from Estonia PleioneEnergy from Greece, GreenerGizer from Hungary as well as Bin-E from Poland.

Winners will receive financial prizes as well access to a prestigious accelerator called Highway® by InnoEnergy, transforming ideas and projects into a market reality. It offers young entrepreneurs access to knowledge and large support in the area of developing and protecting a product, entry on the market, team-building or access to seed funding. It also enables permanent access to 150 biggest partners operating in the power industry, simplifying fast entry onto the global maker.


The Grand Finale in Budapest and fifteen regional finales will be preceded by intense workshops. The teams will have an opportunity of working on the details of their projects and presenting them to experts and investors. Such meetings are a one-of-a-kind chance for establishing business contacts, attracting attention of media while contributing to building a strong position on the market of sustainable energy in this region of Europe.


“Our primary aim is to support innovation in the sector of energy. We provide such support at each level of development – starting with the idea to delivery of the final product to the recipients. Thanks to our partnership network, we build connections in the entire Europe, uniting graduates with employers, inventors with the industry and researchers with companies” explains Jakub Miler.


The Competition has been growing dynamically. New countries join it every year. InnoEnergy invites start-ups and entrepreneurs from 23 countries of Central and Eastern Europe to take part in the third edition of PowerUp! 2017 (Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Macedonia, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Latvia, Serbia, Lithuania, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania). To take part in the competition, you have to submit a project that regards sustainable energy, create a team, have the prototype and fill out the form on the competition site.


We are looking for someone who has a new product or service to offer with a time to market of 2 years max. You should have a prototype, a dedicated team, a secured IP and an ambitious plan to become a global company. Winners can count not only on financial rewards, but also on access to the prestigious InnoEnergy Highway® accelerator, transforming ideas and projects into market reality.


PowerUp! 2017 Timeline


You can submit your ideas from 19 June 2017 to 11 September 2017. To participate in the Competition, please fill out the form found at