Open Space Studio Summer Atelier 2017

Created by Krishna Reddy Partner on 06-Jul-2017

Sunday, 9 July 2017 at Seminarhotel - Höchst im Odenwald

Starts at 16:30 · Ends on 16-Jul-2017 at 13:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Krishna Reddy

It's the time of the year again when 30 ENTECH master students (batch-2016) will get together far away from the chaos of bustling cities to a small village in Höchst in the Odenwald, Germany from July 9th-16th. They will undergo a week-long training by the Open Space Studio


The first days of the Summer Atelier are dedicated to a Self-Leadership journey; a personal journey in which students will further explore their inner drive and passion. It is also a consolidation what they have learned so far in their Open Space Studio journey and it is again a lot of practice. It is about learning co-creation, what are the reasons and phases of co-creation. 


In each Summer Atelier we work on a real case for Co-Creation. This year we are working with Wohnwagon (www.wohnwagon.atto co-create a solution to the big question of :  

How do we inspire and implement new ways of sustainable and independent living?

We will raise our collective understanding to this question in order to responsibly explore possibilities and co-create solutions together. 


The last days will be dedicated to reflection, outline, debriefing and summary of the event, as well as a preparation for the catalyst role during the Master School KICK Off in November 2017. 


We are looking forward to this beautiful and energetic week.


Claudia and the Open Space Studio team

Seminarhotel - Höchst im Odenwald

Am Dachsrain 2 Höchst in the Odenwald Germany