Game Changing Impact Challenges at the European Utility Week

Created by Sergio Costa Partner on 06-Jun-2017

Tuesday, 3 October 2017 at RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands

Starts at 08:30 · Ends on 05-Oct-2017 at 17:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

Register for the Game Changing Impact Challenges at European Utility Week 
(3-5 October 2017, Amsterdam RAI)


This event is for graduates and second year students who have already pre-registered through the InnoEnergy Career Centre. If you have pre-registered you will receive a password for finalizing your registration here at the CommUnity platform (Password will be sent by email to all people pre-registered). Please read all info below carefully!


Sign up here with the password in your email, pay the deposit before 20 AUGUST and secure your placement!


As a result of a partnership between InnoEnergy Career Centre and the European Utility Week (EUW), we will organize the InnoEnergy Game Changing Impact Challenges and you are invited to join! The Game Changing Impact Challenges are industry set challenges that you will get to work on during the European Utility Week. This will be a programme where you will be in teams and will use design thinking and innovation practices to identify and build a campaign response which will be pitched back to the industry. You will work together in teams and with mentors from the industry and bring your skills and creativity to produce a Game Changing Impact on challenges the energy industry face today.


We are proud to announce that you will work together with people from ENGIE, E.ON, Energinet and XTN. All of this shall be organized exclusively for InnoEnergy students. At the same time you can also join the Young Talent Programme of Initiate, as the InnoEnergy Career Centre has already arranged that InnoEnergy students will get free entrance to the conference and other sessions tailored to stimulate dialogue with professionals and easing the transition from an academic to a business environment. Please click here for a snapshot of the various sessions taking place at Initiate!


Also, one to one recruitment sessions will be organized, which you can join as well!


Altogether, it will be a unique opportunity to extend your network and connect with people from the industry. You may have the chance to get recognized too: during the European Utility Week in 2016, InnoEnergy student Elias de Keyser won the Young Talent Award




The European Utility Week will take place from 3 till 5 October in Amsterdam. If you sign up you have to confirm your attendance for the full three days (arriving before or at Monday evening 2 October and leaving after Thursday 5 October 5 PM). Please check carefully with all other duties you might have at that time if this is possible for you.


We will cover hostel expenses for three nights including breakfast (booked by us). The European Utility Week will organize lunch for you. Travel expenses and dinners have to be paid and organized by yourself, as well as other additional costs you might have personally. There will be no participation fee involved but we will ask you for a deposit of €50,- when you register. This deposit will be reimbursed in full provided that you attend the full 3 days of the event from the beginning till the end. The only thing you have to do now is to make your registration final by doing the following two things BEFORE 20 AUGUST 2017:


  1. Register for the InnoEnergy Career Centre – Game Changing Impact Challenges + hostel: sign up herewith the password in your email and pay the deposit;
  2. By singing up for the GCIC via the link below you will automatically be granted guaranteed admission to the Initiate! Young Talent Programme taking place at European Utility Week.


Finished those two things? Then we will send you more information in the beginning of September. The challenges will require a couple of hours preparation work in September. For now, we ask you to get to know the companies that are joining us already a bit more by searching them online! All other instructions will follow.


*You will stay the three nights in this hostel: https://generatorhostels.com/destinations/amsterdam?lang=en-GB. You will receive more information in September about this. In case you would like to extend your stay there, you have to contact the hostel yourself. Please wait for the final confirmation from my side about your stay there, as we are currently finalizing our agreement with them.


* The group will be divided over the four challenges and we will create game changing teams. We will work together with our partners of the GC Index (www.thegcindex.com ) and Enterprise Lab (www.enterpriselab.co.uk ). Both of them work in close collaboration on this event together with the InnoEnergy Career Centre.


* You have to organize and pay for the flights and other transport yourself. Make sure you arrive on Monday evening 2 October at the latest, as we will have to start at 3 October at 08.30 AM (CEST) in Amsterdam RAI venue. We will ask you to give your arrival time at the hotel later.

RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands