Smart grid and smart cities international summer school

Created by Emilien Simonot Partner on 24-May-2017

Tuesday, 6 June 2017 at University of Barcelona - Av Diagonal 696, 08034 Barcelona

Starts at 09:00 · Ends on 08-Jun-2017 at 13:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Emilien Simonot



Organised by TR@NSENER Consortium, with the collaboration of Chair of energy sustainability of the University of barcelona



Aimed at phd students, postdoctoral students, academic professionals and public representatives responsible for making decisions on urban development issues


cities today are home to about half of the global population but represent almost two-thirds of global energy demand, and 70% of carbon emissions from the sector (IEA, 2016). So they must play a leading role in the transition to a low-carbon economy if COP21 commitments are to be met.
With the aim of moving towards a more sustainable urban model, significant progress is being made in defining Smart Cities.
smart cities are urban centres capable of responding effectively to the services demanded by citizens, with a high level of efficiency in the management of the resources used. The complexity of the development of this urban centre concept depends on the effective deployment of Smart Grids in energy systems. This Smart City - Smart Grid binomial is indispensable to efficiently manage local urban energy resources and to fight against climate change from the perspective of the concentration of the world population in cities.
Over three days and in the hands of outstanding speakers, the aim of this Summer School is to advance the analysis of the role of Smart Cities in the achievement of the objectives of sustainability and the improvement in the living conditions of their citizens, emphasizing the future prospects of Smart Grids. Technological, economic and policy challenges will be discussed when defining effective policies for urban energy transition.
The event is organized in three sessions of one day each. The first session, about Smart Grids, will give attendees the possibility of knowing the challenges associated with the deployment of these networks. The second session will be dedicated to Smart Cities and will allow attendees to focus on the diversity of aspects presented under this concept of city in sustainable urban development. Finally, the third session will be an open High-Level Conference that will be address the effective policies for urban energy transition. It will analyse the role of public actors in guiding this urban transition towards sustainable development and in the specific Smart Cities projects in the SUDOE region.

University of Barcelona - Av Diagonal 696, 08034 Barcelona